A Couple’s SUV Explodes When They’re Transporting a Grill . . . and the Woman Lights a Cigarette

| August 15, 2017

A 39-year-old guy named Pierre Dadaille from Orlando, Florida, and his wife, Meguydeline Dessource, were driving in their Kia Sorento SUV on Sunday.  And they had a barbecue grill in the back with the propane tank attached . . . and turned on.

But apparently Meguydeline couldn’t smell the gas, because she lit a cigarette.

And . . . the SUV EXPLODED.

Amazingly, they both survived with just a few burns, but the car was destroyed.

And that wasn’t their only bad news.  When the cops came to the scene, they realized Pierre had an outstanding warrant for fleeing and eluding the police, so he was arrested.

(Orlando Sentinel)

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