Georgia State Patrol cracks down on speeding for Operation Southern Shield

| July 19, 2017

LOWNDES COUNTY – Georgia State Patrol Trooper Jeremy Kinsey says no matter the reason, there’s no excuse for putting innocent lives in danger.

The trooper has watched speed-related fatalities nearly double in his 20 years patrolling the roads.

“Especially kids. I have kids, and when you see a kid that gets killed from a crash that could’ve been prevented it hits home,” says Kinsey.

Flashing blue lights lined I-75 Tuesday as troopers pulled speeding drivers off the road as a part of Operation Southern Shield.

“I honestly didn’t even realize I was going that fast,” said one driver to Kinsey.

Georgia, Florida and three other neighboring states are joining forces this week to spread the word and crack down on deadly crashes.

“I’m going to be honest with you. I was on my phone, but it was through my radio,” said another driver to Kinsey.

Some residents argue that the operation is all for the sake of revenue, but troopers are focusing on specific stats. GSP says over 200 speed-related fatalities happened in Georgia last year.

“We’re just trying to save lives out here, slow people down, and get the point across that speed does kill,” says Kinsey.

Preliminary numbers from Georgia’s Department of Transportation shows there’s been 40 fatalities from speeding to date this year.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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6 Comments on "Georgia State Patrol cracks down on speeding for Operation Southern Shield"

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  1. Lchwb says:

    When you go to court and see the number of bogus tickets written by GSP being thrown out, it makes you question their integrity. This is NOT the GSP of the past that held themselves to a higher standard. They’re just ticket machines now.

    Oh and habitual tailgaters.

    • Reggaeman says:

      Hell yeah and I can’t stand them! Law enforcement nowadays just a business and money making market like everything else in America.

  2. Johnson Taylor says:

    All the crime and drugs going on around here and law enforcement wants to pull over the public, issue a ticket, and collect $$$.

    Spare us the “protecting the public” stuff.

  3. Randy Horn says:

    I always drive 5-10 mph under the posted speed limit. Safety first

  4. Johnson Taylor says:

    Really good to see Law Enforcement out looking to write speeding tickets.

    No crime, drugs, gang activity around here to worry about.

  5. Reggaeman says:

    They been writing tickets nothing new and that go for the city and county cops. Citation is a money market and crime constantly on the rise and honestly because it’s more work and danger these cops rather write tickets and not deal with the real crime. I never in my life seen so many roadblocks on weekdays and during the daytime like the past 5 years. Roadblocks use to be on weekends and in high drinking areas to cut down on DUI’s.