Dogs rescued from meat farm arriving in Tallahassee

| July 27, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Leon County Humane Society says a group of dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea will be transported to Tallahassee this week.

LCHS says 149 dogs and puppies were recovered from the farm in rural Yesan, South Korea, and all of them are scheduled to be brought to the United States over the next month.

Officials say this is the ninth dog meat farm that Humane Society International has shut down since 2014.

Four of the rescued dogs will be brought to LCHS on Friday afternoon.

Once the dogs are cleared for adoption, they will be listed on the LCHS website,

Warning: The video below contains images that some may find disturbing.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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  1. Rex Reed says:

    I’m not getting it. Are they upset that they eat dogs or are they upset of the living conditions of the animals? If it is the living conditions, then I fully understand. If it is the consumption of dog meat, why are we interfering? We eat cattle yet this would be offensive to the people in India that find cows to be holy. My argument is based on cultural norms. (I’ve owned a house dog all my life and they are spoiled rotten. Not to worry, I’d never eat a dog, that’s how I was taught growing up in our culture.)