Valdosta police arrest two in $72,000 pot bust

| June 14, 2017

VALDOSTA – On June 13, 2017, the Valdosta Police Narcotics Unit followed up on information regarding suspicious packages which had been being delivered to a local business in the area on Northside Drive.

The packages were received via US Mail and the unit intercepted five packages yesterday. With the use of Valdosta Police Drug Detection K-9, the dog alerted on the packages.

The packages were picked up by Chynna Finnissee, 27, and she was immediately detained. Finnissee was taking the packages to another subject, Seddrick McCormick, 28. As McCormick showed up to meet with Finnissee, he was detained as well.

The boxes were opened and contained marijuana. The total weight of marijuana seized was 4,270.6 grams (over 9 pounds), with a street value of $72,480.

Finnissee was charged with Use of a Communication Facility for a Drug Transaction and Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute (all felonies).

McCormick is being charged with Use of a Communication Facility for a Drug Transaction and Criminal Intent to Possess Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute (all felonies).

At this time there is no evidence to show that the actual business where the packages were delivered was involved in the drug activity.

“I am very pleased with the work of our Narcotics Unit. This is one of many arrests made over the past few years where the Unit has intercepted packages being delivered to our city. If not for their hard work, this poison would be on the streets of our city and harming our citizens,” said Chief Brian Childress.

Release from Valdosta Police Department

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4 Comments on "Valdosta police arrest two in $72,000 pot bust"

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  1. Michael Elangelo says:

    Somebody gonna be doin’ some talkin’.

    • Joseph says:

      No, Sed won’t talk. That’s not him. Plus it’s just an intent charge. Neither one of them will get prison time unless she has previous charges (I know he doesn’t). Me and a friend (african american & i’m white) had a sale charge that was worse than this. SALE (not intent) of Marijuana, use of a telecommunications device to facilitate a felony, and felony possession of hydrocodone. I went to rehab (even though I didn’t need it) and got a letter saying I had completed rehab and the judge told me on sentencing day that “Even though this is your first offense I was going to sentence you to prison today. I read your letter from the rehab center and I see that you went without being forced. That is the only reason you aren’t going to prison today. I sentence you to 7 years in the georgia penal system, however I will let you serve your sentence on probation and the felony will come off of your record when you complete your probation. If you violate, you will do the full 7 years in prison. Have a good day Mr. Griffis” My African american friend got the same sentence <– I can still remember that word for word. The charges he has here are less than the ones we had because his is just possession with Intent, along with the phone charge. He will get probation. Getting caught with 29 grams (anything more than 28 (an ounce) in georgia) is the same charge (and same severity) all the way up to 10 pounds. If he had more than 10 pounds then he would be looking at a Mandatory Minimum Sentence of 5 years. So, No.. unless she does, (which she already did because that's how they got Sed) there won't be no "talkin". The media is making this look worse than it is. Like I said the way he is charged is just like he would be charged had it been 29 grams.

  2. FTP says:

    Mailed from a legal state to a police state 1 out of 100 get caught. Always mail to alternative address and never go pick up from post office. Better be home and by your door. Can’t cure your cancer in Georgia

  3. Stick Man says:

    Jury nullification. Google it! No one should be caged for a plant…