South Georgia prepares for mosquito season, potential viruses

| June 7, 2017

VALDOSTA – It’s that time of year again, when pesky mosquitoes breed and multiply in the area.

Recent rain showers are collecting water and creating the perfect habitat for mosquito.

“Kids are out of school and traveling more, so we want to make sure we’re getting out a lot of education,” says Ken Lowery, Epidemiologist with South Health District.

They’re telling people to take precautions during mosquito season, when potential viruses threaten the area.

“Even though Zika is the big topic, we still have West Nile. We still have EEE. We still have all these other mosquito-borne illnesses, so these prevention methods mirror the same ones,” says Lowery.

The South Health District says they’ve seen viruses, like EEE and Dengue, in Lowndes County this past year.

They’ve also had a travel-related case of Zika.

“I think the response Miami had was kind of a good example to be like, we all need to get on board with what are we going to do in the event that we have this in our community,” says Lowery.

Lowndes County and Valdosta is equipped with planning, prevention, and a unique surveillance system.

The City’s Public Works department says they have multiple mosquito traps across town that are checked daily.

They also spray and treat local neighborhoods.

In the past year, over 100 travel-related cases of Zika were reported in Georgia.

People planning to travel for the summer, can check the risk of potential viruses in the area by clicking here.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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