National Pink Heals Tour visits South Georgia teen fighting rare disease

| June 21, 2017

VALDOSTA – Four years ago, life threw Taylor Macera a curveball when she was diagnosed with a rare disease and no cure.

Taylor was diagnosed with neuro-behcet’s disease and celiac neuropathy.

It’s impacted her vision, strength, and overall health.

“I’m the person at the restaurant that has to ask for the gluten-free menu and all the crazy questions,” says 16-year-old Taylor.

“Everyday is a battle and we just keep fighting,” says her mother, Tana Macera.

Several flare ups and risky surgeries, but, that isn’t keeping Taylor out of the game.

She still enjoys crossfit training and plays softball for a local team.

“It takes a special group to let a blind girl play on your softball team and let her have a spot to play on the weekends, but I get to do that,” says Taylor.

She also has her own dog treat business named after her therapy dog, Maggie.

Her dream is to be a pediatric heart surgeon.

“You’ll never see her upset, no matter how much she’s hurting,” says Tana. “She’s going to be out here doing what she loves.”

Tuesday, firefighters crashed softball practice.

It was a surprise visit from the national Pink Heals Tour.

“She gave me a bracelet and we’re going to follow her. That’s going to go in my collection of bracelets,” says Seth Rallick, an Arkansas firefighter with Pink Heals.

The bracelets read ‘Taylor strong’. Gifts from Taylor for all their support.

“They have fight on with a boxing glove because that’s just something you have to do. It’s fighting no matter how hard it gets,” says Taylor.

“She’s a fighter, says Rallick. “You can see that in her face.”

Fighting for a long and happy life by striking out cancer.

Taylor and her family now prepare for the possibility of a fourth surgery in four years.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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