Lowndes County: Please Do Not Feed Stray Pets

| June 12, 2017

LOWNDES Co. – While offering a treat from your left over meal to a stray dog or cat might seem like a simple act of kindness, the encounter may result in extending the animal’s status as a stray.

Summer moves due to school calendars, pets being left home unattended during vacations, and those without proper shelter seeking relief from the heat, are all factors contributing to the current increase in stray dogs and cats found in public areas around local businesses/restaurants.  Whether lost or abandoned, stray pets are usually afraid, may need medical attention, and are unlikely to trust those trying to help them.

Since strays are usually hungry, one person feeding them repeatedly can build the trust needed for the animal to be captured.  If the animal is randomly fed by numerous people, this bond cannot develop.  Attempts at trapping are also frequently unsuccessful due to stray pets being fed.  If they are not hungry, they are not going to be drawn to the food in the trap.

Currently, there are several locations throughout our community at which Lowndes County Animal Services or organized rescue groups are attempting to capture strays.  Citizens can assist in this effort by ignoring strays onsite and by reporting them to Lowndes County Animal Services, 229-671-2760, during normal business hours.  Please do not feed these animals; doing so reduces their chances of being captured and cared for, while increasing their chances of eventually starving, being poisoned, or run over by a vehicle.

Release from Lowndes County

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4 Comments on "Lowndes County: Please Do Not Feed Stray Pets"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And Exactly how many cats do you think you will save with this stupid article..because my experience with the Lowndes County Animal shelter has not been very promising..instead of worrying about catching these cats so you can kill them anyway and worrying about them getting a meal from someone maybe you should focus on the LEASH LAW for dogs, Seems some people have forgot about that..they let their dogs run lose and bite and bark at people and cause property damage! Lets inforce that!

    • Jim sharp says:

      I agree with you 100% they need to worry about the dogs running free and not the cats being feed
      If they would do that with the dogs and not tell people to get pictures and do their job for them they would not be in trouble with court cases look up the case where a lady was killed by Pitbull dogs

  2. Billy S. says:

    I guess they can send the cops to pick me up cause I will offer any dog or cat something to eat.

  3. Rex Reed says:

    They are more than welcome to patrol Hammock Lake, dogs are running everywhere.