Valdosta police chief stands against campus carry bill

| May 5, 2017

(UPDATE): Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed the bill into law Thursday.

VALDOSTA – Valdosta’s Police Chief is taking a stand against the campus carry bill.

It would allow people to carry concealed guns onto college campuses.

On Thursday, local police, professors, and organizations met at the police department to discuss reasons to keep guns off college campuses.

“I have given you and the media and the public every reason in the world for Governor Deal to veto this, so veto it. It’s a stupid law. It makes no sense,” says Chief Brian Childress.

They say the bill is not safe and should be vetoed, but supporters say the measure makes them feel safer.

“The school has kind of become a haven for criminal activity,” says Ed Mullinax.

During 16 years working at Valdosta Pawn, Mullinax says crime has only increased, along with the number of college students looking for protection.

“They seem like easy targets because they’re young and out there by themselves,” says Mullinax.

He says the bottom line is their safety.

“This doesn’t make sense, you’re putting guns with college students,” says Joel Grimes, a VSU alumni. “We’ve all been college students.”

What both can agree on–the need for answers, like how to enforce the rule, and how to pay for it.

“Students already have high tuition payments to take care of,” says Dr. Michael Noll, a VSU professor. “Are we going to add on to that? I don’t even know what we would add on, but will we?”

“They feel a threat,” says Mullinax. “They’re kind of nervous like something is going to happen and they want to be able to protect themselves in that situation.”

Both sides, now holding their breath for what happens next.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

Georgia governor signs law allowing concealed guns on campus
Valdosta police chief joins faculty, students in opposition to campus firearm bill
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4 Comments on "Valdosta police chief stands against campus carry bill"

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  1. Johnson Taylor says:

    Kudos to Governor Deal for giving the right to ALL Georgians the right to protect themselves.

    In case youve been under a rock, there’s plenty of crime going on around Valdosta and VSU… that doesnt seem to make the crime “stats”

    • Chris Griffin says:

      I agree…why should 1000’s of people be left defenseless should someone decide to go on a rampage. Are faculty, staff and students supposed to throw rocks or chairs at an active shooter?

  2. Valhalla says:

    Chief, I find it ironic you are getting involved in this argument when an elementary school student brought a loaded .45 to SL Mason a few months ago…People need to be able to protect themselves. Students walking to and from classes early in the morning or late in the evening are ripe for victimization. Look nationwide at the number of violent incidents occurring on colllege campuses. Maybe an armed student would have been able to stop some of those offenders.The local crime report is starting to look like that of Atlanta….If the police can’t protect the people, the people need to be able to protect themselves.

  3. Citizen​ says:

    Glad to know where the chief stands on law abiding citizens and their right to defend themselves from harm.