Valdosta police chief joins faculty, students in opposition to campus firearm bill

| May 4, 2017

VALDOSTA – Valdosta’s police chief will join faculty, students and concerned citizen’s Thursday morning in asking Georgia’s governor to veto a bill that would allow concealed firearms on state campuses.

Georgia House Bill 280 would require state colleges and universities to allow the carrying of concealed firearms on campus.

Chief Brian Childress is expected to voice his opposition to HB 280 during a press conference Thursdsay morning. Childress will be joined by Dr. Michael Noll, Professor of Geosciences at Valdosta State University and Rev. Floyd Rose, president of the Valdosta Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, as well as several students and concerned community members.

The call for a veto comes two days before Gov. Nathan Deal’s visit to Valdosta to deliver the commencement speech at VSU spring graduation ceremony.

The deadline to veto HB 280 is May 9.

Valdosta police chief stands against campus carry bill
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2 Comments on "Valdosta police chief joins faculty, students in opposition to campus firearm bill"

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  1. Andy Pelosi says:

    Kudos to Chief Childress for taking a stand on this important issue. Call Gov. Deal to urge his veto of HB280. 404-656-1776.

  2. RexReed says:

    I disagree with Andy Pelosi, who is the Executive Director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus located in New York. The GA university student that will carry concealed will be 21 years of age at minimum and will only be issued a permit after successfully passing a background check. A criminal seeks a gun-free zone because the targets are unprotected. Ask any cop what is the best way to stop a shooter from shooting and they will tell to shoot back. Seconds count during an active shooting and the police are minutes away. Defending your life should not be taken away from you. Gov. Deal will be in Valdosta in the next few days. Let him know you support HB280.