Georgia colleges now must implement concealed handgun law

| May 8, 2017

ATLANTA (WCTV) – Georgia’s public university presidents and police chiefs were strongly opposed to letting people carry concealed handguns on college campuses.

Now that Gov. Nathan Deal has signed the campus-carry law, it falls on them to figure out how to implement it before the next school year begins.

Every campus will be a collection of places where guns are allowed, or prohibited. Campus police say their jobs will be more difficult under the law.

If people with permits violate the law’s exclusions, say by carrying a concealed handgun into a professor’s office or an on-campus child care center, they will be committing a misdemeanor punishable by a $25 fine but no jail time.

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4 Comments on "Georgia colleges now must implement concealed handgun law"

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  1. Robert says:

    So, campus security is worried about their job being more difficult by those that violate the new law through carrying in an unauthorized place. What about those that carry illegally? I am always hearing about students being robbed over near VSU. Most of us who have permits to carry concealed carry are a little more aware of what is going on. Maybe this is why you have to be 21 to have a handgun.

  2. Johnson Taylor says:

    Great! Now US Citizens can protect themselves.

  3. Earl Ingram says:

    Does anyone have statistics on what percentage of crimes are committed by people who have concealed carry permits?

  4. Citizen​ says:

    I know many professors, students, and law enforcement officials who are happy to see this pass. I’m glad that these pieces of garbage that target campuses atleast have to worry if their next victim may be their last.