Dead deer duct taped to sign wearing shirt, sunglasses

| May 31, 2017

ATKINSON CO., Ga. – A shocking find on a South Georgia highway. A dead deer, dressed up, and left on display in Atkinson County.

The graphic picture was shared on Facebook Tuesday.

“I took a double take at it, but I just thought it was tacky that somebody would do that,” says Gail Grantham.

The picture shows the dead deer placed onto a folding chair, forced into clothing, and duct taped to a street sign on the side of the Willacoochee Highway.

Grantham’s family barbeque is located down the road from the scene.

“To see someone take one and actually tape it to a road sign where everybody coming by can look at it, and then to dress it up, it was just tacky to me,” says Grantham.

The deer was wearing a vest and sunglasses, with a cigar hanging from it’s mouth.

It’s grabbing the attention of community members and game wardens.

The picture has upset many people, but it’s what they don’t see that has the DNR investigating.

The local game warden says there was a single bullet wound in the deer, which possibly killed it.

Shooting the deer would be illegal, as open season for deer hunting is not until the Fall, unless a hunter has a special permit.

The DNR says they’re pursuing possible leads.

Game wardens say it could mean several charges and a hefty fine, while people say it’s just not right.

“It’s not right to do stuff like that,” says Grantham. “It’s distasteful and some people get really upset.”

Possible charges could include hunting at night, hunting off a public road, and hunting from a vehicle.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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