Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump protests face-off in downtown Valdosta

| May 1, 2017

VALDOSTA – Opposing sides of East Central Avenue, and opposing views of President Trump.

Opponents calling for the president to get impeached, and supporters gathering as a response to the protest.

The two protests happened simultaneously on Friday, with both groups facing off in downtown Valdosta.

“I think it’s really healthy for our community and I think it’s healthy for our democracy,” says Tom Hochschild, with Georgians for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. “I think it’s a great example to set for our kids here in the community, and to show them it’s okay to speak out for something you really believe in.”

Ten-year-old Jonathan Rowland is learning first-hand at his first protest.

“Donald trump has haters and lovers,” says Rowland.

The two group exercised their first amendment rights by getting permits to rally. Every protester chanted and waved signs.

“They got to do theirs peacefully and that’s what they wanted,” says Tara Brandau, a Pro-Trump protester. “We got to do ours, so it all came out great.”

For several hours, protests went back-and-forth in the South Georgia heat, speaking about Trump’s role as president.

However, they both agreed on one thing.

“There were more Valdosta police than any of us,” says Brandau. “Amen to our police officers and thank you for the service. They were nice and handed out water to everybody and that was really awesome.”

There were dozens of Valdosta Police officers, Lowndes County deputies, and Georgia State Patrol troopers surrounding the perimeter.

The community preparing for the worst, but instead, ending in a peaceful protest.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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