Thomas Rhett’s Dad Is Shocked by His Own Son’s Success

| April 4, 2017


THOMAS RHETT’s career is going so strong that even his own dad is kind of shocked by it.  His father is Rhett , a Valdosta native, who had a few country hits in the ’90s, and is still a respected singer / songwriter.

Obviously, he knows his son’s been doing well, he just didn’t know HOW well until the first night of Thomas’s current tour.  Rhett pulled into the parking lot and saw so many people that he forgot for a moment WHO they were there to see.

Thomas says, quote, “He was thinking to himself, ‘Oh cool, we’re going to a Jason Aldean show and Thomas Rhett is the opener.'”  How weird is that?  He was looking for the headliner . . . until it hit him that it was his own son.

Thomas says, quote, “I think that’s when it got a little bit overwhelming for both of us.  Because Dad never made it to arenas.  So this is a first for me and him both.  And it’s cool because there are so many songs in my set I wrote with him.”

(Some of the songs Rhett Akins has co-written for his son include “It Goes Like This”, “Get Me Some of That”, and “Star of the Show”.)

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  1. Karla Drake says:

    I used to listen to his father and still do on you tube but also love Thomas Rhett I’ve been to 3 shows and am playing on seeing him again this year what would be amazing is if his dad could come out and play I would love to hear That ain’t my Truck I’m from Columbia SC