Georgia to raise fees for hunting, fishing licenses

| April 25, 2017


ATLANTA (WCTV) – Gov. Nathan Deal will sign a bill Tuesday increasing fees for hunting and fishing licenses.

News outlets report that fees after the increase on July 1 will be on par with surrounding states. Hunting licenses would rise from $10 to $15 and annual fishing licenses would increase from $9 to $15. A basic annual hunting and fishing license for state residents would rise from $17 to $30. Other categories such as lifetime licenses and non-resident licenses also will see a hike.

Department of Natural Resources Director of Public and Government Affairs spokesman Wes Robinson says that revenue from the increase will go toward hiring 40 additional game wardens and improving department-managed infrastructure. Forty-seven counties are currently without a game warden.

This is the first increase for resident licenses since 1992.

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2 Comments on "Georgia to raise fees for hunting, fishing licenses"

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  1. John Taylor says:

    Of course they are.

    But surrounding states dont have personal income tax, do they? (Florida, Tennessee). People get to keep a little more of what they earn.

  2. lchb says:

    Of course they’re raising it because poachers are getting off with a slap on the wrist instead of being fined largely and punished like they should. The DNR doesn’t have the manpower and when they do write tickets, it’s all in vain once it goes to court.

    The turkey population is down, the deer population is up, the coyotes are running rampant. The legal bag limit on deer has been limited pretty much back to the 80’s but my license goes up every year. Exactly where is my money going?