Lowndes County Sheriff brings back work program to help cut jail population

| March 30, 2017

LOWNDES Co. – Lowndes County’s newly elected sheriff is making plans to tackle a big budget.

In a Tuesday morning budget hearing, Sheriff Ashley Paulk says he’s cutting back.

He says he’s starting with the overpopulated jail, by bringing back a work program for non-violent offenders.

Sheriff Paulk also says he’s cut several desk jobs, and placed more patrol on the road.

“I think we have control of our position now since I’ve been back keeping that on steady keel, so I hope there won’t be as many questions at the end of this year as it has been,” says Sheriff Paulk.

The jail consumes more than half of the county’s budget.

He says the work program cuts offenders time in half, and saves around a million dollars.

The program has already started, and more than 30 inmates are currently eligible.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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4 Comments on "Lowndes County Sheriff brings back work program to help cut jail population"

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  1. Fon Fon says:

    I knew when Ashley Paulk got back in office there would be some changes for the better. Keep up the good work Paulk

  2. Sheila Muse says:

    Thank you for bringing the work program back.
    The GED programs could help or a reading program.
    Rehab treatment centers for drugs and alcohol could help instead of sitting in jail.

  3. Andrew williams says:

    Mr paulk I really do.commend you on the work program now that’s putting the Georgia tax dollars to good use .

  4. Bill Branham says:

    Great idea! I believe mandatory sobriety and education is a key component in the rehabilitation of offenders! Every American citizen should be given the opportunity to become a productive tax paying citizen!