Local families in disbelief after bus driver arrested for DUI at Hahira Middle

| March 23, 2017

LOWNDES CO. – A Lowndes County Schools bus driver was arrested Tuesday for driving under the influence.

The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office says the Hahira Middle School resource officer was able to catch Amanda Mullinax before she could’ve bused more than 40 kids home.

“It just hits home when it’s here at home,” says Lori Taylor, a mother of a Lowndes County student.

Many families in Hahira are still in disbelief.

“It’s very disturbing to think something like that could happen in our little community,” says Taylor. “You don’t think about stuff like that.”

The LCSO says a student on the bus notified the school’s resource officer.

The officer was able to stop the driver, before dozens of kids on board left campus.

“You think you’re putting your children into safe hands, and then you find out something like this, and it’s not good,” says Leilani Futch, with the grandsons at HMS.

“You have to put all your trust in them, then when something like this happens and that trust is lost,” adds Taylor.

Mothers, fathers, and grandparents, now questioning school transportation.

Many are still raking over the scary thoughts of what could’ve happened.

“My gosh, look what could have happened. By the grace of god, it didn’t, but it did wake people up,” says Futch.

They say it’s a wake up call for local families and schools to make sure students make it home safely.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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  1. Johson says:

    Is this really a surprise? A wake up call? This happens probably every day. Where has everyone been to just notice these things? The community is changing.

    I’m glad something bad was prevented.

    Think about this as well: the parents that pick up their kids are no better. They do NOT slow down and drive the school zone speed limit when they pick up their kids. They speed through the school’s neighborhoods to pick up their kids as it “is not where they live.” “Nothing’s going to happen to me or my child.” It’s always, “the other person.” Watch the areas of Pine Grove Elementary/Middle School (River Rd, Skipper Bridge Rd and McMillan Rd). Valdosta Middle School (Oak St & Patterson St). Lowndes High (Norman Dr). These are a few examples. Let’s not even bring in the factor of cell phone usage and texting by these parents as the drive. What an example they are setting for their watchful, impressionable children. The children begin to learn that these bad actions and habits are normal and okay to do. The children see these things. Parents will almost kill themselves and their children by speeding and on the phone in these areas. Slowing down and paying full attention only amounts to A FEW SECONDS that could possibly save lives.

    When someone is hurt or killed in these areas because of someone’s thoughtless, rushed, irresponsible actions, it will be no surprise at all to me.