In Other News: In Spite of All the Evidence to the Contrary, a Study Finds Cats Are Actually Nice

| March 28, 2017


Cats have a reputation for being . . . um . . . totally indifferent to whether you live or die.  But according to a new study, they actually DO care . . . they just don’t express it like a drooling, licking, tail-wagging dog.

Researchers at Oregon State University found that cats like their owners SO much, they’d rather interact with them than eat.  That’s right:  Your cat likes you more than it likes FOOD.

So why do we think cats are standoffish and possibly evil?  It’s because they don’t always show their affection with physical contact.  Sometimes it just means being in the same room as a person they trust.

They’re also extremely independent, so if they want to be on their own, it’s because it’s hardwired in their brains . . . it doesn’t mean they love you any less.


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