In Other News: A Robber Gets Run Over by His Victim, and Accidentally Shoots Himself

| March 16, 2017

A man was eating at a Denny’s in Los Angeles around 3:00 A.M. yesterday, when a guy and his friends tried to rob him at gunpoint.

None of their names have been released, and it’s not clear if they got any money.

But right after they left, the guy they robbed jumped in his car . . . chased down the guy who had the gun . . . and intentionally ran him OVER.  Which caused his gun to go off . . . and the guy accidentally shot himself in the FACE.

He ended up in the hospital in critical condition.  It sounds like the bullet went through his cheek, and he was also seriously injured by the car.

It’s not clear what he’ll be charged with yet, and the cops are still looking for his friends.  They ran off after it happened.

The guy he tried to rob ALSO took off.  Police found his car abandoned a few blocks away.  So he might face charges too if they can track him down.

(Mercury News)

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