In Other News: 98% of Us Think We’re Nicer Than the Average Person

| March 14, 2017

According to a new study, 98% of us think we’re nicer than the average person, which is statistically impossible.

The researchers found that thinking you’re a nice person doesn’t always correlate with BEING nice.  But they did find a link to how SUCCESSFUL you are.

People in the study who thought they were much nicer than other people tended to make more money, and were happier in general.

Three of the most common “nice” things we do are giving people directions . . . holding an elevator for someone . . . and giving up our seat on a bus or train.

63% said they regularly donate their time or money to charity . . . 41% would babysit, or take care of a friend’s pet for free . . . and 33% would offer to help carry something heavy.  But just ONE heavy thing.  Only 22% of us would offer to help a friend move.

The top three things that make us STOP trying to be nice are when someone’s rude to us . . . when we lose something important, like our keys . . . and when we get bad service at a restaurant.

(Independent / / Daily Mail)

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