In Other News: Someone Jammed an ATM by Depositing a Bag of Cocaine

| February 28, 2017

An ATM at a credit union in Bradenton, Florida went out of service about a week and a half ago after it got jammed.

An ATM technician had to open it up to figure out what was wrong.  And it turned out some idiot put a bag of DRUGS through the deposit slot.

The technician found a small bag of white powder.  Cops tested it, and it turned out to be cocaine.

It’s not clear exactly what happened yet.  The person who did it might have had the bag in their wallet, and didn’t realize it was mixed in with the cash they were depositing.

Police are still trying to figure out who the person was.  They checked the bank’s records, and got the name of the last person who made a deposit before the machine jammed.

Chances are, that’s their suspect.  But they haven’t made any arrests yet.

(The Smoking Gun)

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