Crosses carved in memory of tornado victims

| February 7, 2017

ALBANY – In Albany, tornado victims are still picking up the pieces, but that rubble is now being turned into a remembrance.

One of the biggest sources of destruction is now being turned into a symbol of hope– tree stumps are being carved into the shape of a cross, in memory of tornado victims.

The crosses are a hot item in Albany because all of the proceeds go back into the community. They can only be bought at Tom Gieryic’s Automotive Repair, and with the help of a group called the ‘Locket Station Lumberjacks.’

They say the idea all started on Newcomb Road, when they created the powerful piece of art from a fallen tree after one family’s heartbreaking loss.

“The emotion hit us, the gentlemen passing hit us, and then the daughter showed up,” says Stan Okon, of Locket Station Lumberjacks.

They carved a cross into the remaining tree stump in memory of her father, lost to the storm.

“She said ‘I’d shed so many tears and now this is a moment of happiness,'” Okon recalls.

The wooden crosses have now raised more than $10,000 dollars in only three days, turning into more than 45 chainsaws for volunteers helping storm victims.

Newcomb Road resident Linda Smith says, “I think they represent unification. The city of Albany and everybody coming together.”

A symbol of hope, and a community that is ‘Albany Strong.’

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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