Valdosta officer attacked in deadly shooting speaks out for the first time

| January 10, 2017

By Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News

VALDOSTA – It’s been more than three months since a deadly officer-involved shooting on Fresno Drive in Valdosta.

Following a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day event on Monday, Officer Alyssa Shirey shared her testimony for the first time.

“I’m no public speaker, but with the way police are seen in the public eye, I decided I would speak,” says Shirey.

She started by stating last year, 140 officers were killed nationwide and 63 of those were gunned down. She adds that Georgia was the third highest state for deaths in the line of duty.

“These are the statistics every officer ignores as they put on their uniform.”

The officer recalls what happened after responding to what was supposed to be a typical custody call.

“Had I been going to a call with a man with a knife, it would have been a lot easier to prepare mentally and physically.”

She would also prepare for another unexpected turn.

“I don’t think he recognized me, however, I did recognize him.”

Shirey once had several college classes with Lozano, who graduated with a criminal justice degree at Valdosta State.

“I know for 100% fact that he meant nothing malicious in intent towards me necessarily. I believe he did have an incident of mental lapse where at that point he couldn’t control.”

The officer was placed on administrative leave for a month and a half, following the fatal outcome.

“I knew the community 100% backed me.”

She says the support made her grateful while getting through the hard time.

“When you’re not backed by your community, you have to look over your shoulder every day. That’s something we do anyway, but it would heighten to an extreme where more than likely I wouldn’t be here today.”

In November, the officer’s use of force was determined justified by a grand jury.

She’s now putting the past behind her, and moving forward in the line of duty.


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