Residents in Albany cleaning up after deadly storms

| January 4, 2017

ALBANY – Major storms rip through several states Monday night, causing severe damage in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

One of the hardest hit… Albany.

The city of Albany is under a curfew Tuesday night from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Wednesday after the storms ripped through the south.

Downed power lines, toppled street signs and trees crushing homes throughout Albany.

Looking at the home he rents out Ralph Kincheloe said, “This is devastating you don’t see something like this every day or every year or whatever.”

People flock to the streets surveying the damage, amongst them one woman whose car was struck by a downed tree in Monday’s storms.

Finding her car damaged by fallen trees Kalisia O’Hara said, “I have saved up so much money to move and now I have to take that money to get my car fixed and it really truly hurt my heart.”

Others on the receiving end of troubling calls about their homes.

Mark Williamson said, “I answered the phone and he said, she hit us you have two trees in your house.”

Across the south at least people were killed in the storm we’ve learned one from here in Albany where many say they’re lucky to be alive.

“That’s the kids bedroom and that’s the master bedroom right there…we’re very fortunate,” said Williamson.

Now it’s a waiting game for this to all to get back to normal, trying to stay strong in a time of devastation.

“Prayer and being with family that’s all I can do,” said O’Hara.

If you do see a road that doesn’t have working lights, remember to treat it as a four way stop for safety.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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