New DUI accountability court in Lowndes County

| January 6, 2017

LOWNDES Co. – State Court Judge Ellen Golden has announced a new DUI Accountability Court for Lowndes County that will begin taking participants Friday.

“The mission of the court will be to confront the underlying substance abuse issues of DUI offenders, reduce recidivism and increase public safety in our community,” Judge Ellen Golden said.  

Other benefits of the court include saving lives, saving costs to the community and saving individuals who are in need of substance abuse treatment. The program would aim to enhance accountability and supervision as well as provide meaningful treatment while holding individuals accountable. 

The DUI Court uses a strong team approach forcing the offender to deal with his/her substance abuse problem. The team includes Judge Ellen Golden, Court Coordinator Stacey Bass, Assistant Solicitor Matthew Brown, Defense Attorney Richard Shelton, Probation Officer Kayla Porter of Sentinel Offender Services, Deputy Jared Davis of Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department, and Treatment Provider Laci Rankhorn of Redirect Counseling Services

The team recently attended a 4 day National DWI Court Foundational Training in Athens, GA which was designed to assist jurisdictions in their process to develop effective DUI Court programs that serve an adult offender population.

The Lowndes County DUI Court will have its inaugural session January 6.

Release from Judge Ellen Golden

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