In Other News: Two Sick Kids Got Their Unusual Wishes Granted, including “to taze a cop”

| January 31, 2017

These are two of the weirdest Make-a-Wish requests we’ve seen.  And they actually got granted . . .

A kid in Tucson named Ben Bicknese turned eight this month.  He’s been fighting kidney cancer for two years, and his immune system is shot.  So he can’t go out much.  But he’s obsessed with Amazon, because he loves getting stuff in the mail.

So he recently got to tour one of their giant “fulfillment centers” in Phoenix where they ship stuff out.  It’s over a million square feet . . . has about eight miles of conveyor belts . . . and the look on his face when he walked in was pretty great.

But this second request is even weirder:  There’s a 16-year-old girl near Columbus, Ohio named Alyssa Elkins who has leukemia.  And one of the things on her bucket list was to TASE SOMEONE.

Her uncle is a cop, and she saw a video once where he got tased during his training.  So she’s always wanted to do it . . . and put it on her list, sort of just as a joke.

A cop named Doug Bline heard about it recently and offered to let her tase HIM this past Sunday.  Then she got to do it again when her uncle also volunteered.

According to Doug, it isn’t a very pleasant experience.  But in this case, he was happy to help her out.

(USA Today / WAVY / AP)

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