In Other News: Old People Now Spend More Time on Social Media Than Young People

| January 18, 2017

Here’s more proof that social media is officially uncool: It’s now more popular with old people than young people.

Of course, by old, I mean “35 and up,” which isn’t THAT old . . . unless you ask a teenager or someone in their 20s to define “old.”

According to a new study by Nielsen, people 35 to 49 now spend the most hours of any age group on social media. They spend an average of seven hours a week. People 18 to 34 spend just over six hours a week.

The study also found women spend more time on social media than men. 25% of women’s time online is on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest . . . versus 19% for men.

And Facebook is still the most popular social network.

(cnet / Nielsen)

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