In Other News: A Man Who Hid a Camera in His Neighbor’s Bathroom Says He Thought She Was Stealing From Him?

| January 6, 2017

47-year-old Bryan Alwine from Elkhart, Indiana was busted back in October of 2015 for cutting a hole from his ceiling into his upstairs neighbors’ bathroom . . . and hiding a camera directly across from their toilet.

The two women in the apartment found the camera and called the cops. And apparently Bryan’s excuse was . . . he’d put the camera there because he thought one of the women was stealing from him.

I’m not sure how exactly he thought he’d catch them stealing while they were sitting on the can, but, again, it’s pretty clear he didn’t totally think this through.

The cops ended up issuing a warrant for him last December, but they never picked him up. That changed on Monday, when he got busted for shoplifting, and they found the old warrant. Now he’s locked up on voyeurism charges.

(Elkhart Truth)

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