In Other News: A Man Got Fired for Skipping Work for His Son’s Birth, but He’s Getting Tons of Job Offers

| January 12, 2017

A 30-year-old veteran named Lamar Austin recently started a new job as a security guard in Concord, New Hampshire. But he got fired earlier this month for calling in sick when his wife had a BABY.

His wife’s name is Lindsay, and they also have three other kids. She went into labor on December 31st, and their son Caiman was born around 8:00 A.M. New Year’s Day.

But while she was still in labor, Lamar got a text from his boss that said they were letting him go. He wasn’t allowed to miss any shifts in his first 90 days, and they wouldn’t make an exception for him.

But here’s the good news. A paper in New Hampshire ran a story about it last week, and he’s gotten a bunch of OTHER job offers since then.

One of them is an apprenticeship so he can become an electrician. He says that’s the one he’s going for.

Someone also started a fundraising page to raise money for his family. And as of last night, they’d already raised about 10 grand.

If you want to donate, just search for “Support the Austin Family” on

(Concord Monitor / Huffington Post)

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