In Other News: A Guy Burned Down an Apartment Complex Cooking a Squirrel With a Blowtorch

| January 18, 2017

Back in October of 2012, a guy in Holland, Michigan found a dead squirrel and took it into his girlfriend’s apartment to cook it up and eat it.

But before he could dig in, he had to remove its fur . . . and his method for that was a propane BLOWTORCH. But the squirrel caught on fire, then the apartment caught on fire, then the entire COMPLEX caught on fire.

There’s been a huge legal battle between the apartment complex and the woman’s insurance company in the four years since the fire, with numbers as big as $2 million being thrown around to cover the damages.

But their long, roadkill cookin’ nightmare is finally over . . . the building and the insurance company just settled for $300,000.

There’s no word on whether the woman and her boyfriend are still together, or if he’s still eating roadkill.

(ABC 13 – Grand Rapids)

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