In Other News: A Dresser Fell on a Baby, and His Twin Brother Saved Him

| January 4, 2017

A two-year-old kid in Orem, Utah named Brock Shoff was playing with his twin brother Bowdy in their room last Friday. And they decided to climb on top of their dresser by using the drawers to pull themselves up.

Which made it tip over and FALL on them, and Brock got pinned underneath it. But luckily, Bowdy didn’t get pinned. And now a security video of him trying to figure out what to do is going viral.

First he tries to push the dresser off his brother, but it won’t budge. Then he tries to lift it, but it’s too heavy. So he finally tries pushing it one more time, and it WORKS. He moves it just enough so Brock can get out, and somehow he wasn’t even hurt.

Their mom says she was only out of the room for a few minutes, and when she came back, they were playing again like nothing happened. But obviously she knew something happened, because the dresser was tipped over.

She says it was the one thing she and her husband forgot to baby-proof in their house. They should have anchored it to the wall. And they decided to post the video online so other parents don’t make the same mistake.

Brock and Bowdy’s dad told CNN that they got the dresser from Ikea . . . which just recalled millions of dressers last year because they could tip over too easily.

(CNN / Daily Mail)

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