Brooks County residents pick up the pieces

| January 24, 2017

BROOKS Co. – Uprooted trees, fallen limbs and a damaged roof.

Living near Barney, Georgia for 32 years, Danny Strickland and his family said they’ve never seen a storm like this.

“I set these trees out when I first bought this place. All these pines and the damage it’s done, you know, it’s just unbelievable,” said Strickland.

He’s just grateful it wasn’t worse.

“We just thank God that it was on this end of the house and not over our living quarters,” said Strickland.

While cleaning up Monday, people like Karen Dorminey were showing up, checking in on the family.

“I just wanted to be sure everyone is okay,” said Dorminey.

That’s because, after getting caught in the storm, Karen saw the damage to this property firsthand.

“When I opened my eyes and looked around and I saw all this I thought ‘oh my God,” said Dorminey.

Karen said when she realized the storm was getting really bad, she started driving and pulled into a driveway. Her car ended up being thrown into a mailbox and that’s when she said things got really bad.

“I sat there, I had my dog in my lap. I have a little dog. I had my crucifix of my grandmother’s in my hand and the next thing I know, all of a sudden, I just heard this roar,” said Dorminey.

That’s when tree limbs and trash cans began flying past her.

Dorminey said she rode out the storm in her car until everything came to a stop.

“We were in one piece. We were right side up. Thank God,” said Dorminey.

Back at her home, Karen said she needed to make sure the Strickland’s were okay.

“Thank God for good friends and neighbors,” said Strickland.

With all the damage in the area, it will take a while for things to get back to normal.

But the people in this area said they are strong and will get through things together.

(WCTV Eyewitness News)

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