Letters from Santa websites could be out to steal your identity

| December 13, 2016

Scammers, impersonating Santa, are trying to steal more than your Christmas spirit this holiday season. These fake Santas want you to pay them to send a letter to your child.

The websites ask people to pay $19.99 for a handwritten letter from Santa to their child. The problem is their sons or daughters never get the letter. They not only lose $19.99, but now the swindling Santa has their credit card information.

The Better Business Bureau is warning parents to not get scammed by the Santa letter websites.

“At Christmas time, there is nothing parents want more than to make their kids happy making that connection with Santa, writing a letter to Santa. There are websites that are scamming parents by making them think they are offering package deal,” Gigi Turner with the Better Business Bureau warned.

Here’s how to spot the fake Santa websites:

    • Watch for poor grammar and spelling on the website.
    • Stay away URLs that don’t start with HTTPS and don’t have a lock icon on the browser bar. Secure websites will have it.
    • Hover over links in emails to check sources so you can see the destination.
    • Finally, if you are still not sure if it’s a legitimate website, call the contact information listed. The real Santa will answer but a fake one will not.

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(WCTV Eyewitnes News)

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