In Other News: People Donated Over $100,000 to an 80-Year-Old Who Lost His Wife

| December 1, 2016


There’s an 80-year-old guy in Gulfport, Mississippi named Kenneth Smith who lost his wife Helen to cancer about a month ago.

They’d been living off their social security money after they drained their life savings to pay her medical bills. And now that she’s gone, he’s getting even less money.

So he’s been making extra cash by selling bags of kindling on the side of the road for $5 each. Obviously he hasn’t been making much, but it helps.

But then someone who’d been buying from him posted about it on Facebook last month, and linked to a fundraising page Kenneth’s son set up.

And over the last week-and-a-half, complete strangers from all over the world have donated over a HUNDRED GRAND to help him out.

If you want to donate, visit “Wood Man’s Widower Fund” on

(WLOX / Facebook / GoFundMe)

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