In Other News: An Airline Gave Free Tickets to Over 800 Victims of the Fort McMurray Wildfire

| December 14, 2016

The Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta this year ended up being Canada’s most expensive disaster ever.

Between May and July, it torched about $3.6 billion worth of property, including 2,400 homes. But somehow there were NO casualties. Two people died in a car crash while they were evacuating, but no one died in the actual fire.

A lot of people lost everything though. So check out what the airline WestJet just did for them . . .

A few weeks ago, over 800 victims got to go to a huge holiday party in Fort McMurray. Country singer Johnny Reid performed, and WestJet gave away 500 Christmas stockings, and 300 pounds of candy.

But the real surprise happened when a bunch of tiny boxes started floating down from the sky with little parachutes attached to them.

Each box had a family’s name on it. And when they opened it up, they found a custom ornament inside with a picture of their family . . . plus vouchers for free PLANE TICKETS to anywhere they want to go.

They can go anywhere WestJet flies, which includes over 100 cities in Canada, Mexico, the U.S., England, and the Bahamas.

(CBC News / Edmonton Journal)

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