‘Ponderosa Club’ is taking back their neighborhood

| November 3, 2016

By Noelani Mathews | WCTV Eyewitness News

VALDOSTA. Ga. (WCTV) — After many incidents off of Ponderosa Drive in Valdosta, a new group is forming.

The “Ponderosa Club” is hoping to cut down on crime in their neighborhood.

“I told them I didn’t buy my house for them to like me, I bought my house to live in,” says Douglas Robinson.

He’s out to make a difference, after owning his home on Ponderosa Drive for 23 years.

“I’m going to stand up because I’ve seen too much,” says Robinson, the leader of the Ponderosa Club.

It’s a group of local homeowners joining forces to bring back the peace.

“It helps our city become more safer as we go through these trying times, and these are crazy and trying times,” says David Adams, a local Pastor.

Neighbors says an increase in crime forced many to leave the area, bringing in more renters.

“This was a very nice neighborhood, really nice. The only thing that happened later is a lot of rental houses,” says Ursula Johannesen, a longtime resident.

Johannesen has lived on Ponderosa Drive since 1984, and one of few left behind.

She says she’s now ready to fight back.

“Make them realize, make them bad people know that we’re still at it and we’re not going to take this,” says Johannesen. “We’re not going nowhere. We’re going to fight back.”

With signs on every corner, they say they’re one step closer.

“It’s a growing neighborhood and a rebirth, but it’s going in the right direction and this is just a start,” adds Pastor Adams.

The start of a new Ponderosa, after a community refuses to fall victim to crime.

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