In Other News: Two Burglars Used a Cab as Their Getaway Car, Then Stiffed the Driver

| November 11, 2016


Two guys broke into a house in Deal, New Jersey last Friday, just outside New York. And they decided to use a TAXI as their getaway car. But that’s not actually the dumbest part of the story . . .

One of them was a 46-year-old guy named Kenneth Burke, and the other was a 38-year-old named Timothy Foote. They told the driver to wait outside, and then came back with a big-screen TV and a bunch of liquor bottles.

Then they had him drive them home. And when they got there, they STIFFED him and refused to pay.

So after they left, he called the cops and reported them for skipping out on their fare. And he also said they might have just broken into a house.

Apparently the cops just went to the address where he dropped them off, and arrested them.

They’re facing charges for burglary, criminal trespassing, and theft.


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