In Other News: A Woman Set Fire to a Strip Mall Because All the Shopping Carts Were Taken

| November 21, 2016


64-year-old Linda Poplawski walked into a Dollar Tree in a strip mall last week in Kent, Washington, just outside Seattle. And she was angry because all the shopping carts were being used.

So she told an employee she was taking her business elsewhere, and left. But then she came back . . . threatened to burn the place down . . . walked over to the greeting card aisle . . . and started a FIRE.

Then before she left, she walked back up to them and TOLD them the store was on fire. So they tried to put it out, but couldn’t.

Luckily no one was hurt. But the fire spread to five other stores, and destroyed most of the strip mall. 75 firefighters responded, and it took about 24 to put it out.

The good news is it wasn’t hard to track Linda down, because apparently she never even left the parking lot.

While the Dollar Tree employees were talking to cops, they saw her taking PICTURES of the fire and pointed her out. Apparently she has no previous criminal record. She’s facing charges for first-degree arson.

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