Georgia Citrus Association forms, elects members

| November 21, 2016


LOWNDES Co. – Over the past few years, Georgia farmers, gardeners, agricultural investors and homeowners have experienced a keen uptick of interest the citrus industry.

The number of growers has exponentially increased in a very short period of time. What began three years ago in the Lowndes County UGA extension office as a meeting to explore the possibilities of growing satsumas has now begun to take shape as a collective body of producers, vendors and researchers intending to develop and promote citrus as a competitive and economically sustainable agricultural commodity in the Southeast United States.

On October 5, 2016, the group established the Georgia Citrus Association (GCA), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to progress the citrus industry through educating others, conducting research, insuring quality standards and marketing aggressively through the association. Upon formation, the GCA adopted proposed by-laws, voted in a board of directors, elected officers and began accepting membership applications.

The GCA membership is open to anyone related to the citrus industry in Georgia, North Florida, and South Alabama. As was noted during the GCA inaugural meeting, “It’s great to be pioneers of an industry that will truly help the agricultural economy!” Anyone interested in joining may contact the group by email at

Seated L to R: Clay Lamar, Mitchell County, GA; Mack Glass, Jackson County, FL; Joe Franklin, Bulloch County, GA.

Standing L to R: Pam Clark, Brooks County, GA (Treasurer); David Lee, Bacon County, GA: Kim Jones, Jefferson County, FL (Secretary); Lindy Savelle, Mitchell County, GA (President); Andy Jackson, Taylor County, FL (Vice-President).

Not Pictured: Trent Coggins, Lowndes County, GA

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