Motorcyclist seriously injured in Valdosta crash

| October 21, 2016


VALDOSTA – On Thursday at approximately 12:50 p.m., a witness called Lowndes County E-911 to report a single vehicle traffic collision that occurred in the 4500 Block of Inner Perimeter Road. The witness advised that a subject driving a motorcycle had fallen off somehow and possibly struck a street sign.

The witness advised that the motorcyclist appeared to be injured. Uniform road patrol officers, paramedics and members of the Valdosta Fire Department responded to the scene to assist. Traffic Investigators also responded to scene to determine the cause of the crash.

Once on scene, paramedics determined that although the motorcyclist’s injuries did not appear to be life threatening, they were serious in nature. Paramedics requested emergency assistance from Air Life 9’s Emergency Helicopter Service. The helicopter service which is based out of the Valdosta Regional Airport responded directly to the scene within minutes and airlifted the patient to a regional hospital for treatment.

There were no other injuries reported. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

The motorcyclist’s name is being withheld so that family members can be notified.

“It is important to call E-911 whenever you witness a traffic collision so that emergency services can respond as soon as possible. The Valdosta Police Department commends the initial motorist that reported the traffic collision to dispatch so that the injured motorcyclist could receive medical treatment without delay,” said VPD Lt. Adam Bembry.

Release from the Valdosta Police Department

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