In Other News: Only 16% of People Watch Football Sober

| October 24, 2016


Did you watch football yesterday? Are you hungover today? If your answer to the first question was “yes,” your answer to the second question is also probably “yes.”

According to a new survey, only 16% of people usually watch football sober.

Now . . . the survey only asked people who drink alcohol sometimes, so if you’re 100% stone-cold sober all the time, you’re obviously watching it sober.

But if you’re a person who ever drinks, there are overwhelming odds that you’ll drink when you’re watching football.

And you’re probably drinking beer, since that’s the most popular type of alcohol to drink while people watch every sport . . . except tennis and horse racing. Wine is the most popular drink for tennis . . . and liquor is most popular during horse racing.

The survey also found only 22% of people usually watch basketball sober and only 23% usually watch baseball sober.

(Harris Poll)

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