Ice cream, Taco seasoning and more on Georgia recall list

| October 25, 2016


Here’s a summary of food recalls that have impacted Georgia during the past week. For specific product identifiers (lot codes, expiration dates, etc.) and additional info, please click the name below, which will redirect you to the official recall notice:

McCormick & Company, IncorporatedMcCormick 24 oz. Club Size Original Taco Seasoning Mix- Due to unlabeled milk allergen. Dairy free Original Taco Seasoning bottles were incorrectly filled with Original Taco Seasoning which contains whey. Product can be identified with UPC 52100302461 with best by date betweenJune 27, 2018 and September 16, 2018.

Turkey Hill Dairy-Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream- Select 48oz containers of Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream recalled due to undeclared ingredients of almonds and eggs. The containers may contain Rocky Road Premium Ice Cream instead of Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream. Product can be identified by UPC 20735-42095 with sell by date May 23, 2017. All affected packages would have been purchased by consumers after 09/08/2016.

Brownwood Farms Various Products- Recalled due to undeclared soy or yellow #5 food coloring. Undeclared soy in the following products: Yankee Bourbon BBQ Sauce (19oz & 1 gallon), Cherry BBQ Sauce (21oz, 1 gallon & 5 gallon), BBQ Mustard Glaze (11oz & 1 gallon). Undeclared yellow #5 in Apple Riesling Salsa (21oz & 1 gallon), Peach Salsa (17oz), Jalapeno Cherry Salsa (21oz & 1 gallon), Jalapeno Cherry Butter (12oz & 1 gallon).

Yoma Myanmar Tea Co.- Tea Salad Snack- Recalled due to undeclared peanuts. Products are Regular and Spicy, and come in 7 ounce, clear plastic package with expiration date of 6/15/2018.

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