VPD responds to Facebook video allegations of mistreatment

| September 26, 2016

VALDOSTA – The Valdosta Police Department has released body cam video footage in response to a video posted to social media claiming mistreatment by VPD officers and the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began Saturday, September 17 at approximately 11:11 a.m. when VPD officers were dispatched to a home in the 1500 block of Vallotton Drive in reference to a child custody issue, said VPD Capt. Kari Williams.

“The complainant reported that he is the custodial parent of an 11-year-old child. He reported that the child’s mother, Crystle Galloway, does not have custody, but he allowed Galloway to see the child,” Williams said. “The complainant reported that after he, the child and Galloway spent the morning together, they traveled back to his residence. The complainant stated that there was a knock on his door and when he answered, an African American male pushed the door open and entered with several other persons. He reported that he recognized one of the persons who entered his home as Galloway’s mother, Nicole Benhammou.”

The father reportedly told police his daughter was dragged outside by her wrists and placed into a silver Kia sport utility vehicle with Florida license plates. He also said Galloway left the scene in a silver Nissan.

“The complainant reported that the child was probably being driven to Tampa, Florida where Galloway resides. Officers spoke with an independent witness, a neighbor who stated she saw a silver sport utility vehicle pull up at a high rate of speed in front of the complainant’s residence,” Williams said. “The witness also said she saw several persons enter the complainant’s residence and then saw the child being taken out of the house against their will because the child was being pulled by her arms. The witness reported that the child was placed in the silver vehicle which sped away at a high rate of speed.”

Area law enforcement agencies were alerted to the situation, and a deputy with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office spotted the vehicles on Interstate 75 near Mile Marker 5 and conducted a traffic stop, reports stated.

“The child was found safe,” Williams said.

image005  Nicole Benhammou, 51
interference with child custody, disorderly conduct
 image001 Crystal Galloway, 29
interference with child custody
 image002 Lisa Black, 53
interference with child custody, possession of marijuana
 image003  Janice Peoples, 37
interference with child custody
 image004 Carey Black, 33
interference with child custody,
possession of tools for the commission of a crime, possession of powder cocaine


Crystle Galloway, 29,  Lisa Black, 53, Janice Peoples, 37, Nicole Benhammou, 51, and Carey Black, 33, were taken into custody for interference with child custody. All were transported to the Lowndes County Jail, reports stated.

The Valdosta Police Department has received a copy of the court order signed by a judge which gives the child’s father full custody.

Benhammou has posted a video on Facebook giving her account of the incident which has been viewed more than 100,000 times. In the video, she makes several claims of being mistreated by officers.

“I am aware that Benhammou has put videos on social media reflecting she did nothing wrong and was mistreated,” said VPD Chief Brian Childress. “These allegations are ridiculous and totally false. She violated the law along with her daughter and associates. The father was generous by allowing the mother to see the child even though he has been given full-custody by a judge. In response, they assaulted him and violated the court order. That is why Benhammou was arrested. She was not mistreated and the interactions with her were recorded on body-camera video.”

Childress has released portions of the officer body cam footage to ValdostaToday, including footage of Benhammou using profanity with hospital staff and an officer after she was transported for medical treatment for complaints of an asthma attack, officials said. (*Editor’s note. Due to the graphic nature of the video, ValdostaToday has elected not to post that portion of the footage).




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14 Comments on "VPD responds to Facebook video allegations of mistreatment"

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  1. beanieweenie says:

    Why does this nonsense require a response. We just have to realize as leaders, some people are not going to tell the truth. Over 300 black people killed in the last six months. Really?

  2. Nanacy says:

    Wow!! She should be in the movies, what a liar!!
    Check her background, she’s probably an ex-con. You would have to be crazy to believe this crap!! A jug of water for rations!! moldy food!! no phone call, ..wow, wonder how long it took her to make this crap up!! and BTW, I’m an African American woman, she makes all of us look bad.

  3. Brian Childress says:

    I agree that some things should not require a response but when the media run with it, either you respond and tell the truth or all that is seen is the inaccurate information on Facebook and YouTube. I just can’t believe people believe everything that people put on Facebook or Youtube.

    • Dee says:

      Unfortunately that’s what the internet and technology has done to the civilized world we live in today. That’s why body cameras are so important for everyone’s protection.
      I’m so glad you shared this because that’s the only way to counter the attack. Some people will believe everything they are online.

  4. Michael Elangelo says:

    Beam me up Scotty. There’s no intelligent life forms, to be found, on this planet.

  5. An Observer says:

    Two of the five were found with drugs on their person. That’s all I need to know.

  6. YES says:

    why was nobody charged with kidnapping

    • Dee says:

      Valid question.

      • An Observer says:

        On the video, Chief Childress questioned that as well. The father of this child may have been trying to be kind to the mother of his child or gave in to his child wanting to see her mother, but it’s clear this side of her family isn’t safe to be around and is sorely lacking in many common sense areas including following the law, staying away from drugs and telling the truth. Rambling Grandma said Valdosta had 2,200 population and 300 blacks were killed in the last six months here. Who in their right mind would believe that? That would be on national news, yet on Facebook she received a number of sympathetic comments. The mother of the child said nothing; it is clear she is under the control of a complete idiot, who, unfortunately, is her mother. Give this child a fighting chance in life, keep her away from these ignorant lunatics and ban them from Valdosta in their sentencing!

  7. GA Gurl says:

    Who could have imagined that one group of scammers are posting this lie on their social media accounts and responding with more lies? Seems some people will believe anything on Facebook as fact.

  8. Goose Butt says:

    Let me assure ya all, in Rebecca GA this nonsense would be met old school – hard and fast.

    Ya darn tootin’ it would. I ain’t lying.

  9. Those body cameras were a smart investment. Way to go Chief.

  10. Lucy Daniels says:

    Ithey should still be in n jail and charged with kidnapping they got a really big break and then get on Facebook and lie lock em up