Pepsi Donates Backpacks for Children in Homeless Shelter

| September 15, 2016


VALDOSTA – Pepsi has donated 100 backpacks to children in LAMP (Lowndes Associated Ministries to People) homeless shelter.

LAMP was started in 1984 by a small group of individuals, churches, and the synagogue in Lowndes County, Georgia. In the beginning of being established, it was formed as a clearinghouse that would monitor and steward the distribution of local assistance dollars.

Over the years, LAMP has become more than just a clearinghouse; it is now Lowndes County and the surrounding area’s local mission for the homeless. LAMP is partially-funded through government grants, but relies heavily on private donations and must show community support to receive matching grant dollars.

LAMP provides a shelter for homeless families, single parents, single women, and men with the ultimate goal of returning them to self-sufficiency. LAMP’s program requires residents to undergo life skills classes, such as money management, parenting, resume writing, and job interview skills.

Residents must be pursuing a job, furthering their education, or actively working and saving at least half of their paycheck to continue living in the temporary housing facility. LAMP’s motto is “a hand up, not a handout.”

Day Center\Supportive Service Manager, Gayle Moreen (right) with Pepsi Unit Manager, Chad Pigford.

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