In Other News: A Guy Gets Mugged at an ATM . . . See the Guy Later and Runs Him Over

| September 23, 2016

atm machine

A guy in Philadelphia just lived out the REVENGE FANTASY of anyone who’s ever been the victim of a crime.

The guy is a Portuguese immigrant who’s been in America for about a month with his family. He was in his Chevy Cobalt getting money out of an ATM on Monday night, when a mugger walked up to the window and pointed at a gun at him.

So, he gave the mugger his money and sped off. But then he realized he left his ATM card in the chaos, and turned around to get it.

And when he got back to the bank, the mugger was STILL THERE. So the guy did the only natural thing: He ran him over with his Chevy Cobalt. And then once the mugger was on the ground, he got out, and took his money back.

The cops found the mugger bleeding in the street and took him to the hospital for severe head wounds. He’s going to be in there for at least a week . . . and once he gets out, he’ll be facing robbery charges.

But the guy he robbed won’t be facing ANY charges. Security footage from the bank’s cameras showed exactly what happened, and a police spokesman says the guy is all good . . . because he was the victim of a robbery.

(Philadelphia Inquirer)

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