AAA predicts GA gas prices to return to normal soon

| September 27, 2016

The national average price of regular unleaded gasoline remained relatively stable over the past week, settling at today’s price of $2.21 per gallon. Drivers are paying the same price per gallon month-over-month, and 8 cents less per gallon year-over-year.

Although today’s average remains flat compared to one week ago, pump prices have been pressured higher in some regions due to disruptions on the Colonial Pipeline.

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Drivers in a number of states (25) are paying less at the pump week-over-week, although some volatility remains in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions where gasoline prices continued to see upward momentum as a result of the Colonial Pipeline disruption. Line 1 operations were restored on Wednesday of last week after more than a week of downtime following the discovery of a leak. While delivery of fuel resumed, it may take a week before affected states see any relief at the pumps.

Issues on the Colonial Pipeline pressured prices higher in much of the Southeast with the most impacted states topping the nation’s list of largest weekly increases: Alabama (+8 cents), South Carolina (+7 cents), North Carolina (+5 cents), Georgia (+3 cents). The pipeline issues have also caused Georgia to make an unusual showing on the list of most expensive markets in the country, with an average price of $2.35. Recent reports from OPIS state that the worst is over for parts of the southeast impacted by the initial shutdown of Colonial Pipeline on September 9, and supply distribution should move to normal levels throughout the week.

Despite issues with the Colonial Pipeline in the Southeast, drivers in much of the Gulf Coast continue to enjoy some of the lowest prices at the pump: Texas ($1.95), Arkansas ($1.97), Mississippi ($1.99), Louisiana ($1.99), Alabama ($2.09).

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