Woodstack BBQ Tavern: A lovingly crafted dining experience

| September 16, 2016


VALDOSTA – Woodstack BBQ Tavern in Valdosta is making a name for itself by serving creative, homegrown dishes and crafting dining experiences that begin as soon as you walk up to the front door and stay with you long after you leave.

Every aspect of a visit to Woodstack has been thoughtfully considered, from curated music selections playing in the dining room to a wide selection of can beer, and for Chef Randy Decourdes that is the way it is supposed to be.


“When customers pull up and when they first walk in, I want them to smell the smoke,” said Decourdes. “I want them to know this is a barbecue restaurant.”

The smell is undeniable. Oak wood smoke billows out of custom made grills throughout the day. Instead of moving to what is becoming industry standard, gas and electric grills, Woodstack turned to Lang BBQ Smokers out of Nahunta.

“Our grills are all wood, all the time,” said Decourdes. “We got them custom made for us, and they use reverse flow.”

The special design allows smoke to move over the meat and back again, unlike traditional smokers.

“Over a 10-hour-smoke we might do on our butts, you’re talking about burning 30 to 40 split logs of wood,” said Decourdes. “We hope you can taste that flavor.”

And there is lots of flavorful dishes to be had, most of which are listed on a 10-foot double-sided chalkboard in the dining room.


“That board is kind of screaming out what today’s specials are and what we are cooking,” said Decourdes.

Sliders, homemade pimento cheese, house pickles, fresh pork rinds and other appetizers have found their way onto the chalkboard and menu.

“I tell people who love pork rinds that ours are a lot better for you than the bags you buy at the gas station,” said Decourdes. “We fry fresh. They’re still cracklin’ when we send them out.”

Served with a side of homemade pepper jelly for dipping, the fresh pork rinds have become a guest favorite.

“When they are looking at the menu, I hope they recognize how creative our appetizers are. We’ve got great things on there,” said Decourdes.

After appetizers are done, Woodstack offers pulled pork, smoked chicken, sausage, beef brisket, St. Louis Ribs and more served with mac & cheese, braised greens, Brunswick Stew, fried whole okra and other sides.


On every table is a selection of homemade sauces, and it is not uncommon to walk through the dining room and see plates at every table with little dots of sauces while people try to figure out which one is their favorite.

“We didn’t create those sauces for everybody to like them all,” said Decourdes. “We just hope you find one that’s your favorite. If you have multiple favorites, that’s great too.”

Decourdes said the red, ketchup-based sauces go well with the brisket. He prefers Woodstack’s original sauce, affectionately known as ‘The OG.’

“But other people really like our sweet and spicy sauce,” said Decourdes.

Two styles of mustard sauces are also on the table: a bright yellow and sweet Carolina Gold and a tangy Southern Mustard.

“My favorite that I like to splash over the ribs is that North Carolina Pickin’ Sauce that’s just a seasoned vinegar,” said Decourdes. “We have an additional sauce we serve with wings, North Alabama White Sauce, which is a mayonnaise-based sauce.”

Woodstack also offers homemade dishes for vegetarians, including a bean dip appetizer and a quinoa black bean burger.

From locally sourcing ingredients to serving glass bottle sodas, Woodstack BBQ has carefully crafted a dining experience that is uniquely southern and uniquely delicious.

Woodstack BBQ Tavern is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 4038 North Valdosta Road.

Visit their website for menus, catering information and specials. You can also follow Woodstack BBQ Tavern on Facebook.



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