Survey Reveals only 25 Percent of Georgians are Fully Prepared

| August 31, 2016

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ATLANTA – To ensure all Georgians are prepared for emergencies, Governor Nathan Deal has proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month. Throughout the month, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency’s (GEMHSA) Ready Georgia campaign is encouraging all Georgia residents to take simple actions to prepare before disasters strike.

Ready Georgia promotes three simple steps to prepare for emergencies: be informed about potential threats; make a plan for communicating and reconnecting with family members if you are separated during an emergency; and build a kit of emergency supplies that allows families to be self-sufficient for up to 72 hours following a disaster.

According to a recent statewide survey conducted by GEMHSA, only one in four Georgians are fully prepared for an emergency. Survey results also demonstrated many Georgia residents have not taken two critical steps toward being ready: only 39 percent have arranged a meeting place or reconnection plan with their families, while 53 percent have assembled an emergency kit for their home.

“National Preparedness Month is the time for all Georgians to take action,” said GEMHSA Director Jim Butterworth. “Emergencies can affect us anywhere and at any time. Taking at least one simple action to become better prepared makes you, your family and your community more resilient when the worst happens.”

Preparedness is not an all-or-nothing proposition, as each preparedness action adds to a household’s resilience in the face of severe weather events and other emergencies. The survey reveals that while most Georgians need to be more prepared for emergencies, the vast majority (79 percent) of the state’s residents are at least somewhat prepared for a large-scale disaster or emergency. This is a 26 percent increase in preparedness since the Ready Georgia campaign launched in 2008.

Additional survey results indicated the preparedness action that most Georgians have taken is safely storing important documents (67 percent), followed by maintaining at least half of a tank of gas (57 percent) and making a list of important contact phone numbers and sharing those with family members (55 percent).

To make preparing easier, Ready Georgia offers a Ready profile tool on its website and mobile app. Creating a profile allows Georgians to develop a tailored communications plan and supplies checklist and have it with them wherever they go.

One planned activity for September is the official search for Georgia’s preparedness heroes – those people we all know who are ready for anything. For this contest, GEMHSA is asking the public to nominate their friends, family and co-workers who are stocking supplies, learning first aid, practicing emergency procedures and taking other important steps to prepare for the unexpected.

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