Morning News Briefs for 8-12-16

| August 12, 2016


A Moultrie man had to be tased twice by police as they attempted to apprehend him and place him under arrest. 36 year old Michael Haynes was reported to police as a suspicious person and when they confronted him he tried to escape. During the confrontation Haynes struck one of the officers but the suspect was brought under control. Police found a loaded handgun and marijuana in his possession and the convicted felon now faces multiple charges.

The federal government has ruled that marijuana will continue to be listed as a dangerous drug in spite of nationwide efforts to have the drug legalized. Research on marijuana will be expanded under the ruling as officials continue to explore its medicinal benefits. Even though 25 states along with the District of Columbia have now legalized medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, under federal law the drug is still illegal for any purpose.

In March Mitchell Cullen got into an altercation with James Winchester which led to Cullen punching Winchester in the mouth causing the loss of several teeth and a fall to the ground. Winchester struck his head against the sidewalk when he fell and subsequently died. Now, Cullen has been indicted by a Dougherty County Grand Jury on felony murder and other charges stemming from the incident.

Clarion Garrison the mother of a child whose body was found in the attic of her residence has been indicted on charges of malice and felony murder. The child, Nyelle Garrison was given a dangerous and deadly dose of Hydroxyzine and the mother then placed the body in a plastic bag and left the state of Georgia. Clarion Garrison had a history with the Division of Family and Children Services; according to the report when her child was eight months old she suffered a medication overdose.

Some Georgia parents struggling with children who suffer from seizures, autism and other maladies that could be helped by the use of medical marijuana say that they will continue their efforts to get the medicinal use of marijuana legalized in the United States. Georgia Representative Allen Peake says that he was surprised and disappointed at the federal government’s ruling classifying the drug as dangerous. Peake has been working to get fellow state lawmakers to side with him and the parents of children and also adults whose medical conditions have been helped by the use of medical marijuana. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal strongly opposed the legalization citing the fact that the drug remains a Schedule 1 narcotic. Medical marijuana use is legal in Georgia but marijuana cannot be legally grown or purchased in the state. Patients must have an approved registration card in order to obtain marijuana oil.

Visitations at the Macon and Telfair State Prisons have been canceled for the weekend. Corrections Department officials say that rising tensions after the death of a Macon inmate and the hospitalization of another cause both facilities to be placed on lockdown.

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