KJ family files federal suit claiming sheriff, superintendent and FBI agent staged their son’s body

| August 23, 2016


VALDOSTA – While the parents of Kendrick Johnson await hearings to determine the amount of lawyers’ fees they will be required to pay in connection with civil suits they filed then later dropped, they have filed a new federal action which repeats many of the same claims in the dismissed suits, including alleging Sheriff Chris Prine, Superintendent Wes Taylor and FBI Agent Rick Bell personally staged Johnson’s body after his death.

The body of Kendrick Johnson was found upside down in a vertically-stored gym mat at Lowndes High School in January 2013. A state autopsy ruled the 17-year-old’s death accidental. The Johnson family insists their son died of foul play.

In a complaint for damages filed in the Middle District Court of Georgia on August 17, Kenneth and Jackie Johnson again claim nearly 40 individuals and agencies were involved in actions that either led to the death of Kendrick Johnson or contributed to covering up the cause of his death, in violation of his civil rights.

A similar complaint was filed in state court more than a year ago but was transferred to the federal level because of the civil rights allegations. The Johnsons’ lawyer, Chevene King, then removed the civil rights complaints, and a judge moved the case back to the state level. In that hearing, defendants’ lawyers predicted King would add the civil rights allegations again and refile the suit at a later date in an attempt to prolong proceedings.

This new complaint is a combination of suits filed against the Lowndes County School Board, which were later dropped and cannot be refiled due to a missed deadline, and the $100 million suit against multiple individuals and agencies, which was also dropped.

The federal suit offers the same conspiracy as previous suits and again offers no evidence to support the claims.

Last week, the Johnsons were ordered to pay lawyers’ fees in connection with those lawsuits. Hearings to determine the exact amount are scheduled to begin this week. Lawyers for the former defendants in those suits are seeking nearly $900,000.

A GoFundMe page set up to help pay those attorneys’ fees had, as of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, received no donations.

In deposition testimony made public during court proceedings, the Johnsons admitted they did not know many of the individuals they were suing or what connection they had to their son’s death.

The Johnsons also admitted in deposition testimony they had no evidence to substantiate claims they made in the lawsuit.

One claim removed from an earlier complaint is back in the latest filing.

The Johnsons again claim Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine, Lowndes County Schools Superintendent Wes Taylor and FBI Agent Rick Bell personally gained access to the old gym at Lowndes High School and placed Kendrick Johnson’s body upside down in a rolled gym mat to be discovered the next morning during classes.

King removed that allegation from the $100 million dollar suit, claiming it was a “typographical error.”

Click here to read the entire complaint.





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  1. Pointing fingers says:

    This is why they are having to pay the attorney fees!!!!! I guess they will have a lot more attorney fees to pay!!! Al cause, they are pointing fingers, and naming names!!!! If there was a enough evidence to arrest someone,they would be sitting in jail this very minute!!!!! But you can’t call people out if you don’t have have any evidence !!!! That is the problem!!!

    • Great White Savior says:

      Thank you for your judgement, judge, but you should at least let it hit a court of law before making your assumptions.

      • Really? says:

        Really? Can you not read… it has been settled in the courts by judges on the state and federal level multiple times. They keep pushing and someone is bound to eventually file defamation and criminal harassment suits against the family.

      • Dorothy Pierce says:

        Ya’ll no somebody killed that child.and ya’ll are covering it up to. But will come out one day, it will. Because it’s not of God. The little girl she’s going to tell it, before she leaves this earth. Watch. I maybe dead and gone. But it’s going to gother too. Because God said So. And He don’t lie,He can’t lie.

        • Edyphe says:

          Dorothy, you are the epitome of being an idiot. There has been over 5 different agencies look at this death. None of the agencies are related. All agencies agree that he died by reaching into the mat and getting stuck. Federal, state and local all agree…….accident. The only people claiming murder is his lying parents and attorney…..and apparently your dumb self.

  2. An Observer says:

    Have the Johnsons considered joining the circus? This sideshow is past getting ridiculous. The sheriff, school superintendent and an FBI agent staged Kendrick’s body? How can a person’s mind become so twisted with such outlandish conspiracy theories? They need to stop filing lawsuits, take their little downtown protest home and get some serious counseling. How much were locker rentals three years ago? $10? $20? That tiny investment could have saved Kendrick’s life. Instead of owning their neglect of him, including not having him live under their roof, they will go to their graves spreading lies, filing lawsuits to try to cash in on their son’s death, and attempting to ruin other people’s lives. This community has had enough of this rabid lunacy. The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Yes, I am calling them out on having lost their minds.

    • Great White Savior says:

      You should actually read the suit.

      • An Observer says:

        I did actually. Did you notice Chevene King or his law staff cannot even spell “conspiracy” correctly?

        • Great White Savior says:

          I noticed a few grammatical errors. He may have misspelled it once, but it wasn’t misspelled throughout the suit.

          I take grammar extremely seriously, but that’s not the crux of the matter here.

    • Vicki Rountree says:

      Very well said. I am beyond feeling sorry for these folks. They have done nothing but use their son’s tragic accidental death for their moment in the spotlight. So very sad, and yes, they do need psychological help.

  3. Steve says:

    This is getting out of hand. No evidence puts any of these individuals in this sort of light. Greed and notoriety has taken hold of this family that had nothing to do with their son when he was alive. This Father and Mother makes me disgusted.

  4. Curly Bill says:

    Keep that money train flowing…anybody who sends a dime to these scammers using their sons death as a go fund me opportunity is an idiot.

  5. Spectator says:


  6. AP99 says:

    They need to lock the family and their attorneys up and throw away the key. It takes a sick mind to keep making up this kind of stuff about your child.

  7. An Observer says:


    Can a gofundme account be garnished to recoup attorneys’ fees? At a minimum, investigate this to see where the money goes. Has it been used to help others or is this yet another ploy for financial gain leeching from their son’s death?

  8. Robert says:

    This mess is getting crazy. I am sure that everyone decided and participated in “staging” a death. All we are missing now is sideshow bob.

  9. Andy says:

    When a licensed attorney files charges so rediculous as this, so absurd, so unbelievable, he or she should be given serious reprimands, and possibly even the loss of license.

  10. Andrew says:

    The Johnson family’s attorney should have to personally pay the legal fees for ALL DEFENDANTS. Those bogas charges are so far out a 1st grader wouldn’t believe them.

  11. Great White Savior says:

    Well, this article couldn’t be more biased.

    People should take the time to read the lawsuit. It is much more detailed than the one filed last year (that one was not well thought out IMO).

    There are new claims as well that of course Valdosta Today forgot to write about. We wouldn’t want people to think that the Johnsons are anything but money hungry grifters, now would we?

    At least let them have their day in court before you go into attack mode. If the lawsuit is frivolous and they have no evidence of their claims, the court will decide that.

    • Valdosta K says:

      Great White Savior, I took your advice and read the 78 page lawsuit. It is absolutely ridiculous considering the Johnson’s sworn testimony in the previous lawsuit where they stated they had absolutely no evidence for their claims. Conspiracy theories abound. The brothers and John Doe killed KJ, told the superintendent, their dad and the sheriff, who then concocted together to stage the scene. Then once the sheriff’s office, GBI, and VPD arrived, they informed all individuals of the plot, and all of those individuals agreed to go along with it. Come on, anyone who believes that needs a tin foil hat.

      As far as the previous lawsuit not being very well thought out, how is that any different from this one? Examples:

      The causes of action are listed exactly this way in the complaint:

      Do you notice any problems with the numbering and listings above? What happened to 7-11, and why are some of the numbers duplicated for different complaints? Then the formatting changes all throughout to brief. How can an attorney file a brief that would receive a solid 0% in an undergraduate English 101 course. That shows absolutely no attention to detail and a complete disregard for the court, and tells me that he practices law with the same lack of regard for doing things properly.

      Then much of the last half of the brief is just copied and pasted from previous sections, simply rehashing the conspiracy theories.

      This is a complete joke, and both Chevene King and the Johnsons should have to pay every dime each of the defendants is forced to spend defending themselves from an utterly baseless lawsuit.

      • Great White Savior says:

        I’ve read the lawsuit.

        There are differences between the dropped suit and this one. I think you’re missing the overall picture.

        I’m not saying the Johnson family is going to win nor am I saying the allegations in the suit are correct. That is for the court to decide. I am not a lawyer or judge. I firmly believe in due process and civil rights. I’m sorry if that upsets you.

        • Amused says:

          I find it very hard to even consider “due process” and “civil rights” in a suit filed by idiots out to make money on the death of a child. Due process happened for over 2 years, and the result was accidental death. These people need to be locked up for their continued slander of innocent people. Their GoFundMe account should be immediately shut down by the administrators of the Website. Any monies donated should be confiscated by the government. Additionally, every time the Johnson family or their representatives open their mouths with this nonsense, they should be fined. Enough is enough.

          • Great White Savior says:

            Yes, thank you for making it clear you do not believe in due process and civil rights.

        • Valdosta K says:

          I firmly believe in due process and civil rights also. This country has many instances where both due process and civil right of individuals have been violated. In those occurrences, the individuals responsible should be held accountable.

          The problem here is the Johnsons are suing everyone they can think of without a shred of evidence to support their claims. When they were deposed and admitted they had no evidence to back up their accusations, they lost any and all credibility to any unbiased observer. Those who are biased either way in this case are not going to change their view no matter the evidence or lack thereof, but individuals like myself, who try to keep an open mind and realize that they are not privy to every bit of data, now know that the Johnsons are doing this for all of the wrong reasons. If they were doing it for the right reason, to see justice served, then when all evidence pointed to an accident and they found nothing to dispute that conclusion, they would have stopped their lawsuits.

          This has nothing to do with due process and civil rights, it is about anger, blame, and money.

          • Great White Savior says:

            You don’t seem to understand that it’s a different lawsuit, depositions have not happened yet. Those depos were for a different lawsuit. Perhaps things have changed. You seem very angry. I’m sorry about that. Have a nice day.

          • Valdosta K says:

            Great White Savior, unfortunately one of the drawbacks of discussing events in this type of forum is the inability to judge another’s demeanor. I assure you that I am not angry. Saddened by the whole situation, from the death of a young man to the terrible way in which many lives have been affected, but not angry. I am an outside observer in the whole thing, so it does not directly affect me, but if I were one of the individuals being sued, I would be angry.

            This lawsuit has nothing to do with new evidence, it is simply a ploy to force a settlement. They indicated when they dropped the previous lawsuit that they intended to refile it. That was right after depositions where they indicated they had no evidence.

            It’s a different lawsuit, but is the same conspiracy theory. No need exists to see it through the courts when the Johnsons admitted to not having evidence.

        • JACK says:


  12. Truth prevails says:

    Their attorney needs to be committed. And they actually signed this lawsuit? What a joke! This thing will be dismissed and the Johnsons will incur even more fees.
    The Johnsons already stated in depositions that they have no evidence of these accusations and they stated that they didn’t even know some of these people they were suing. But hey, don’t let that stop a good conspiracy hoax. Where did their other attorney go, Ben Crump? I guess he jumped ship when he saw that it was going to financially cost him and there would be no “100 million dolla”.
    Actually, I think Chevene King needs to be investigated for conspiracy to commit fraud and extortion. This family had 2 years of FB posts, radio interviews, CNN to cast rumors on innocent people. They even took their rumors to the DOJ who actually opened up an investigation using these stupid rumors. When the DOJ came up empty handed with no evidence, they now claim it’s because of them “covering up for one of their own! They say everyone is lying and covering up. But guess what? The Johnsons and their attorney are lying and covering up and it’s all coming out now. FACTS Are your friend

  13. I want $73,432,623.23 for my own personal mental anguish, for just having to hear about this case. Plus, a gallon of delicious ice cream.

  14. doctor satan says:

    This has gotten out of hand….you can’t continue to ruin people’s lives because of what you “feel like” may have happened….the 2 boys they are accusing lost scolorships over it and their only evidence is that one of the boys fought with their kid years before….one of the accused wasn’t even in school that day ….these people are greedy psychos

  15. Tell Ya What says:

    Tell ya what folks, in Rebecca GA this nonsense wouldn’t begin to be tolerated. You can bet your fedora and cigar on it.

  16. John says:

    The sad part is the Johnsons have a relatively simple case against the school. The school admits they knew people kept their shoes there. Obviously, kids would still go after them when they were turned vertical. It is not wildly unforeseeable that someone could die of asphyxiation stuck in the mats. Therefore, it’s an easy payday for them.

    • Edyphe says:

      WAS an easy payday for them. Now that they have claimed murder/conspiracy instead of failure to keep their kid safe, that ship has sailed. You cant claim murder for 2 years and then decide to claim accident due to unsafe conditions. If they would have just filed a simple lawsuit against the school because their child died due to unsafe conditions, they would have been mightily compensated by the school insurance policy. This is a great lesson in GREED.

      • Calmer says:

        Your post could also be used as an argument that they aren’t after money, if they could have easily got a mighty compensation from the school.

        There are many issues regarding school safety touched on in the new lawsuit.

      • Rex Reed says:

        Agree. They went for the big one when they should have let discovery lead them to the truth. Greed will blind you from the truth. Now their boatload of cash is gone. So, as they say, try – try – again. (This is really sick!)

  17. Outside looking in says:

    I feel bad for KJs family. Losing a son is never easy. And it is for sure a tragedy. To me, as an outsider looking in, it does seem really fishy. There had to be some sort of foul play. And yes, things can be covered up as we saw numerous times before. Now, I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, But I’m just saying that there is most certainly more to this story. Someone always knows something. Either way, the truth will find its way out. Hopefully both families get the peace they deserve.

  18. Common Sense says:

    These people are either disturbed, desperate, or both. Mr. Great White Savior – you, sir, haven’t a clue. Continuing forward with baseless, slanderous accusations, lies, and wild conspiracy theories is not “due process” – it is abuse of the legal process, plain and simple. This family and their attorney are making a mockery of the judicial system. Think of the individuals and families who have been repeatedly slandered on the basis of nothing but unsubstantiated conspiracy nonsense. As a citizen of this community, I am sick and tired of seeing our school system, sheriffs office, officials (to say nothing of the Bell family) drug through the mud over nothing. Shame on the Johnsons and their attorney. I hope that sanity finally prevails and this new suit is dispensed with quickly.

    • Great White Savior says:

      Thanks Judge. No need for court now. You’ve decided. Now can you head down to the courthouse and decide every other case on the books without any kind of hearing?

      In fact, let’s just get rid of pesky court filings, and just e-mail all filings to you and let you decide. You seem to know it all.


      • Common Sense says:

        I realize this is most likely a waste of time – but sir are you serious?? Court isn’t a place to simply through up wild, baseless, allegations with no evidence and then let’s all just waste the taxpayers’ money and the court’s resources holding hearings on it. If someone is going to allege a murder and a massive cover up, they have an obligation to have some basis (evidence) for their allegations. In fact, the Georgia Rules of Professional Ethics, Rule 3.1, prohibits lawyers from presenting claims and contentions that are not meritorious. Among other things, this means that there must be a reasonable possibility that facts supporting the cause of action exist or can be established.
        Any rational, thinking person can see at this time that there is a complete absence of facts to support this filing.
        It is indeed shameful that this circus continues.

        • Great White Savior says:

          Again, you’ve already made up your mind. That’s fine and that’s your opinion. Have a nice day.

  19. ThankyouGOD says:

    My thing is no one wants to own up to their part in this chaotic situation. The Johnson family has my sympathy, I know how it feels to want answers to something so badly that you can’t focus straight.. I’ve learned from experience that if your gut feelings is telling you that something is not right..then most of the time it’s true, something is not right.. with that being said Johnson family stick to your gut feelings..it won’t steer you wrong

    • Great White Savior says:

      Exactly. The fact that not one single entity has taken one shred of responsibility for the many many mishandlings of this case is enough for me to question their intent to help this family in finding answers to their son’s death IMO.

      • Randy Horn says:

        I’m curious to know What is an example of the many misahandlings of this case?

        • Great White Savior says:

          Lost organs, lost clothes, and IMO more than lackluster investigation by LCSD, hence the need for the DOJ review. Many more too, but I’m strapped for time.

  20. Tanya says:

    I like everyone else in the beginning thought this was an act of foul play, but after reading all the facts and information from day one it became more and more obvious that this child wasn’t murdered. He died during a freak accident and as someone who has worked in the medical field I have seen worse. This is a family who just flat out refuses to accept that their son has passed on I believe they know very well that their son was not murdered and are simply on a witch hunt. People want to look at the school the sherif and so fourth how about we look at the parents who lied and deceived the public by parading around with the post autopsy photo on a banner as to give the impression that that’s how their son looked when actuality it was an photo taken at the funeral home after autopsy. The cuts on his back are from the autopsy only when they were caught lying did they post the original photos which do not show a beating at all. It’s shows the face of someone who has been upside down for almost 24 hours and being that he was upside down all of the blood rushed to his head causing it to swell and yes it would have cause him to bleed from his nose as well a vomit the contents of his stomach which after being upside down would have contained blood. His organs weren’t put on any black market anyone with minimal amount of medical experience knows that your organs have to be harvested for 48 hours, so are we to beleive someone beat him kept him alive on life support for 48 hours stole his organs then took him to the gym and placed him in a mat. It sounds stupid because it is the funeral home director has admitted to disposing of his organs which by law is legal in mostly every state. His organs were deteriorating and the funeral home chose to dispose of them and stuff him with newspaper perfectly legal as in most states the dead are either stuffed with sawdust or styrofoam and I bet each and everyone of us has had this happened to a deceased love one we just don’t know it. These parents have lived off gofundme as well as donations as the mother quit her job and the father just recently went back to work. This woman has inserted herself into the life of Trayvon Martins Mom, Jordan Davis Mom, When there is simply no comparison these women had children that were actually murdered and the proof to back it up. Jackie Johnson has no proof had destroyed lives and futures placed undo stress on families while taking trips and cruises on the backs of strangers who initially believed her story. To me she and her husband are the sickest of sick who tries to repeatedly profit from their own child’s death. They have been caught lying in court and admitted that they had no proof that their son was murdered. I am all for the cause and getting justice for our young black men who are killed unjustly, however I’m not going to run and jump on board the Kendrick Johnson train when he wasn’t murdered and he could come down from heaven and tell his mom that and she still wouldn’t beleive it because she has dreams of being rich, I will not jump on the Korryn Gaines train when their are people like Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Alton Sterling, Walter Scott all killed unjustly and the Johsons want to tie up the legal system unjustly. The Department Of Justice has ruled there is no evidence of foul play are we to beleive that the sheriff, police, ems, medical examiner, school administrators, teachers, janitors, cafeteria workers and the entire student body covered up this one child’s death cause that’s what it would boil down to. Jackie Johnson needs to stop trying to profit from her sons death and get up and go back to work stop milking the system and stop playing off the publics sympathy which had just about ran out from her own family members admitted by she herself. The judge should make them pay the full legal fees for everyone they have sued and they should be liable for damages for the Bell family who have been caused great damage by the Johnson one boy lost his scholarship to college because of a lie. The courts should say no more and if the Johnsons want to continue lock them up for perjury which is the sole basis of their lawsuit and they have admitted to lying. Forbid them from filing bankruptcy and seized their property it’s time to let KJ rest and time for Jackie to sit down and stop taking cruises fancy trips all the things that she didn’t have access to before her sons death. Now she feels a since of entitlement which is sad the family even lied and said no one from the school attended the funeral which was proven to be a lie. Look at the Johnsons character and actions since her sons death and yet we are suppose to believe someone of such low morals that she would exploit her child’s death by misrepresenting his death photo. To me that speaks for itself. The Johnsons are nothing but liars who are seeking attention by any means in an effort to get money no matter who it’s from. Out of the tens of thousands of dollars the collected they never put up one cent toward a reward fund for their son.

    • An Observer says:

      Thank you for contrasting cases like Korryn Gaines and Philando Castile. Might I add Eric Garner to the list of those where police brutality resulted in an unnecessary, untimely and unjust death. It is very offensive the Johnsons would display KJ’s picture next to Emmitt Till’s, completely different circumstances. I read the lawsuit, and the Johnsons are also trying to get their son’s funeral expenses reimbursed. They take donations and use them for cruises and trips, yet begrudge paying for their own son’s funeral? They’re a troubled lot on many levels. Their daughter was arrested twice in as many years. Most families would pipe down and turn their efforts and energies inward to try get to the root of those problems. They can’t help KJ now, but they could help their daughter. As it stands, they may well have condemned themselves to relive their foolishness and greed to the day they die when it is determined how much in legal fees they will have to repay those they falsely accused. How idiotic can they be? They must not believe they’re going to have to pay the fees the judge assigns, otherwise they wouldn’t file again and risk having to pay even more. At some point, they will run out of people willing to part with their cash for this level of ignorance.

  21. Tanya says:

    I am sure that my comments are Blunt and to the point. I am simply going off facts as I know them I have read every single article dating back from day one. I have also read the article by Rev Floyd Rose a black pastor that was over the SCLC , I beleive he is the pastor who put up his house to get the family out of jail. Once he reviewed all the facts in the case as was outright lied to he investigated a wrote a article that there was no cover up and he beleive that it was truly an accident. He was then called an Uncle Tom by the family. Leigh Touchton the former NAACP and over 60 other NAACP members had a conference call with the Johnsons and their attorneys an she notes in her interview that not only was she lied to and mislead by Mr. Johnson but their attorneys as well if people would take time to read all the articles I think that they would see a much different picture. However for those who think he was murdered no amount of rational evidence is going to change their opinion. The Johnsons had a lawsuit and the lawsuit was against the school district only for storing hazardous equipments (mats) and the school knew that students were using these mats as lockers so yes they posed a danger especially being stored upright, the school perhaps should have removed the mats or told the students not to use them for storage. However they were in the old gym which to me suggest that they should have been off limits. I am terribly sorry they lost their son, however their anger has been misdirected and you can not make baseless allegations against the sheriff, school administrators and now to suggest his body was staged is more than ridiculous and is simply a last ditch effort to grasp at straws. I’m with another commenter gofundme should shut down their accounts and stop allowing the Johnsons to continue to profit. They haven’t used on penny to put up a reward for information about their son. It’s been over 3 years had there been relevant information someone would have came forward when the 10k reward was put up by an anonymous donor. Al Sharpton raised 7k for the family not one penny went toward a reward as of this day the family hasn’t offered a reward. I stand 200% by my statements the family showed their true character when they paraded around town showing this child’s death photo that was actually an autopsy photo talking about look what they did to KJ.. It was misleading and it could have caused riots and outrage throughout the country thank God for common sense and the ability of people to be able to see through their lies. Had they filed a wrongful death suit initially against the school I would have understood but to ruin the lives of two young men who had rock solid alibis causing one to loose a scholarship not to mention the damage they have did to the fathers career and as I understand it Rick Bell is a federal agent who worked with civil rights, how ironic is that definately a slap in his face. Yes I’m a black woman and people can judge me if they want I know the facts and I know the Johnsons are liars and so does the head of the NAACP and the 60 NAACP members who attended the meeting with the Johnsons. It’s time to end this case and I for one will definately be reporting them to the gofundme sight for fraud.

  22. Great White Savior says:

    I can’t take you seriously when you bring up someone like Leigh, who has made this more of a circus than it should have been, has made it more of a race issue, and is continuing to try to divide people, and play on emotions based on racial issues. Sorry.

    • Even Greater White Savior says:

      I got a chuckle from this.. especially coming from you!

      “I can’t take you seriously when you bring up someone like Leigh, who has made this more of a circus than it should have been, has made it more of a race issue, and is continuing to try to divide people, and play on emotions based on racial issues. Sorry.”

    • Edyphe says:

      I believe she was the first one who stood up and called the Johnsons out for lying when no one else would dare stand up to their outlandish behavior. I wish we had more people like her willing to stand up against bullies who lie and use race to bait and hire race baiting attorneys. You seem to be a close Johnson family member or definitely a Kool-Aid drinker to go after a woman’s character for standing up and being a strong outspoken woman. Suffer from short man syndrome much?
      I am a black woman and Leigh is very well thought of within our community so don’t come on here hating on her when in fact, you are a jealous and hateful person who evidently believes the Johnsons lies. Why don’t you go donate to their gofundme account and go sit on the corner with them and stop posting on everyone’s comments. That shows that you are a close friend or family member because you are more than just a casual observer. You are vested in this case which shows everyone who you really are. “you will know them by their fruit, and your fruit is rotten”

      • Great White Savior says:

        You have your opinion and that’s fine. I know a little more about it than you do. The truth will come out.

    • An Observer says:

      Are the Johnsons promising you some money or something? You’re quite the keyboard commando on this thread. Let’s revisit when this new suit is either thrown out of a court or the Johnsons are ordered to pay fees on those they’ve falsely accused–again.

      • Great White Savior says:

        That’s disgusting that you would accuse someone of getting paid simply for expressing their opinion. We are all entitled to our opinions. I haven’t accused anyone in this comment section of getting paid just because I disagree with them. Get out of here with that mess and have a blessed day.

  23. Sam Ellison says:

    She’s divisive. Beyond divisive.