In Other News: Toby Keith Could Live Off The Money He Earns from Taylor Swift Records

| August 15, 2016

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TOBY KEITH is filthy rich, we all know that, but here’s a surprise . . . one of the smartest investments he ever made was in TAYLOR SWIFT. He owns part of Big Machine Records, which is where she signed as a teenager.

The “Chicago Tribune” asked if he could live off of that. He said, quote, “Oh, yeah. No question. If I just took the royalties from that, I wouldn’t have to do anything else. A bunch of people could live off that.”

In the interview, he also said he’s disappointed with our two presidential candidates. Quote, “I can’t believe there are 300 million Americans in this country, and we’ve got these two as the last two. It’s absolutely crazy.”

He also said he wouldn’t raise a stink if EITHER one wanted to use his music at one of their rallies.

Quote, “I hear all these people fussing and fighting over who can play their music politically. Anybody who wants to play my music, I just say play it. I don’t care.”

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